Sunday, July 18, 2010

ok, a bit dissapointing: no comments on the previous post...

very slow week on etsy - can't find the knack, the "je ne sais qua" that would attract buyers.
Couldn't find any alchemy requests I could bid on.
I do have a fair amount of views - 70/day in average - and I do have good prices for the type of work I do. True there is only one other seller in my niche, that has constant sales, and she's also from Israel... but I don't think she would let me in on her secret ;-)
I thought of walking in shops and asking if they're interested in selling my work, but I'm affraid I would get cheated, and I'm ashamed of ...putting myself forward. And I don't want to invest even more money in consulting a lawyer...

on a more cheerful note, I'm working on a competition piece: a very special design, something I never done before, nor have I seen done anywhere else. Maybe I should put up pictures of the "work in progress"... I most certainly should take these pictures.
The competition is a charity one for colorectal cancer and the designers there are awesome: - look at the galleries, on the left hand side... you'll see my piece there soon ;-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...

...and that means try again to keep a proper blog, with frequent updates...
I've just seen an episode of "House" yesterday, in which the group's patient is a blogger... if she can do it, so can I ;-)

Of course, I have a day job, and 3 amazing little urchins to spend my time with, not to mention an awesome hubby; but I can always make 10 mins in a week for blogging: if nothing come up business-wise, I could write about my family, or social behaviour in general, or the latest Terry Pratchett novel, or... ;-)
Ok, maybe 20mins, but what is that compared to a week? 20 in 10080! easy-peasy.
Therefore, I got working today, and changed my template, and got a nature themed background (I could live in a tent in the middle of a forest, if I could get away with it ;-), and altogether got my blog going again. What say thee?
reminder: before it was a simple template, with green flanks, a green striped title and off-white backround to the business part (both posts and gadgets on the right).

About my wonderful little munchins: we have a bit of behaviour trouble with the boy: he can't accept he has to play by the rules (he starts 1st grade in the fall, so it is a big deal). We thought positive enforcement may help, so every time he behaves well, we tell him so.
A few days back, driving them to the day-care camp (I can't call it a proper summer camp: they come home every day at 4PM, thank g-d!) I caugth myself in time not to swear at a silly driver that got in my way. And the boy tells me: "way to go mum! I noticed you stopped yourself from swearing: we are proud of you..."
I was speechless: what would you have done?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back in Business

Can't believe it's been more than a month since I've last blogged! although I have to admit I knew it was a long time ;-)

There's been some holidays around, which I've enjoyed tremendously!

I've lost a business chance: a crafts fair, where I didn't understand correctly who is in charge, and who should I talk to about participating, so I didn't participate... Eh, well: lesson learned, better luck next time;-)

I've won 2 alchemies in September: one because I've under priced my work tremendously, and the other changed her mind when the item was nearly done. On the first item, is was a technique I always wanted to try, and never got the guts. So I said, I'll earn the experience, and the exposure, even though I won't make a profit.
The second, I didn't shout at the silly buyer, and I chucked it up to experience also. It was an original design I was cooking up for a while, and didn't have the reason to actually make it. So I was very mild with the mind-changing buyer and hope that she will feel obligated to buy something else...

I'm working on Hanuka and Xmas items for now, so here's a preview ;-) The items will be posted on etsy during the following week.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from the cold

...and by that I mean that I'm back to take care of business. I was actually very hot, in august, outdoors, in Israel ;-)
I was off, on vacation with the kids, and then my son was sick, and then there was a teachers' strike, and now I'm finally back!

And speaking of vacation: I had a great time visiting places with the kids, and doing stuff with them, and I don't have even one little picture! Am I a bad mother?
We've seen an amazing cave, (The Stalagtites Cave in Israel, it's out of this world! it's so full of stalactites, and stalagmites, and columns, and walls...) and I stil remember that the oldest came out dancing, she was so pleased. And all through the tour, the girls made up stories about the formations we saw. But I didn't take even one picture: not of us, not of the cave, not of the kids... Well, it's very close to where we live, and we can go visit anytime we want, but not taking even one picture?!?!!
Hubby says we're just lazy. I personally don't like comparing the extravaganza of my memory with the dingy reality of a bad picture.
what do you think?

oh, and the pictures that I do have from this summer, it's because the twins' birthday is in the summer:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We-hey! My very first treasury!

Hello guys!
just to show everyone that compassion pays ;-)
I'm on vacation with the kiddies, and I have a schedule made up from before. Today we were supposed to "spring-clean" the kids desks and shelves, but they wanted to see TV. I was about to refuse, when I realized, that would be a great way for me to spend some quality time on etsy, so I agreed...
and, spending time on etsy, I found I have a chance at a treasury (well, I checked the treasury clocks on craftopolis first, of course ;-)

and I finally managed! I've published a treasury!
go have a look:

but of course, I can't waste the oportunity, and I'll add the picture of my latest creation as well:

Enjoy, everyone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The public likes my art

Well, it appears that people like my artbeading.
I was in the Etsy forums the other day, promoting my stuff as usual. On one thread, I went back to see what people have added, and if anyone commented on my stuff.
As is hapens sometimes, one fellow etsyian, not only commented on my jewelry, but suggested that I'll promote one of my other items, to be featured on a blog.

Of course I followed the suggestion, and submitted my item, and what do you think? It was choosen to be featured:

It is nice to at least receive tokens of total stranger's appreciation, if sales are scarce.
So, what do you say? was this good business?

And on a totally different note: I've found out what my kids do when I'm not around. What do you say?

Monday, August 3, 2009

A sale, A smile


I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I first blogged... too much office work!

So let's remedy the situation ;-)

My EBW Chalenge entry (the picture in the previous post) didn't win, but there's always the next competition, and another amazing design to turn up!

I had an alchemy accepted, by being thorough and nice: it was someone buying because of a mishap, so I offered them a discount - aparently it was good business.

And another totaly new technique turned up, just by looking at other people's items. The CandyFloss Crocheted Lariat. It's not just another lariat, it has the only non-fattening candy in the world: lampwork beads. It is also thiker and more sturdy than other crochetted necklaces - that's my innovation to the technique.
So, what say you? is this a good use of my time?
see you next time ;-)