Sunday, July 18, 2010

ok, a bit dissapointing: no comments on the previous post...

very slow week on etsy - can't find the knack, the "je ne sais qua" that would attract buyers.
Couldn't find any alchemy requests I could bid on.
I do have a fair amount of views - 70/day in average - and I do have good prices for the type of work I do. True there is only one other seller in my niche, that has constant sales, and she's also from Israel... but I don't think she would let me in on her secret ;-)
I thought of walking in shops and asking if they're interested in selling my work, but I'm affraid I would get cheated, and I'm ashamed of ...putting myself forward. And I don't want to invest even more money in consulting a lawyer...

on a more cheerful note, I'm working on a competition piece: a very special design, something I never done before, nor have I seen done anywhere else. Maybe I should put up pictures of the "work in progress"... I most certainly should take these pictures.
The competition is a charity one for colorectal cancer and the designers there are awesome: - look at the galleries, on the left hand side... you'll see my piece there soon ;-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...

...and that means try again to keep a proper blog, with frequent updates...
I've just seen an episode of "House" yesterday, in which the group's patient is a blogger... if she can do it, so can I ;-)

Of course, I have a day job, and 3 amazing little urchins to spend my time with, not to mention an awesome hubby; but I can always make 10 mins in a week for blogging: if nothing come up business-wise, I could write about my family, or social behaviour in general, or the latest Terry Pratchett novel, or... ;-)
Ok, maybe 20mins, but what is that compared to a week? 20 in 10080! easy-peasy.
Therefore, I got working today, and changed my template, and got a nature themed background (I could live in a tent in the middle of a forest, if I could get away with it ;-), and altogether got my blog going again. What say thee?
reminder: before it was a simple template, with green flanks, a green striped title and off-white backround to the business part (both posts and gadgets on the right).

About my wonderful little munchins: we have a bit of behaviour trouble with the boy: he can't accept he has to play by the rules (he starts 1st grade in the fall, so it is a big deal). We thought positive enforcement may help, so every time he behaves well, we tell him so.
A few days back, driving them to the day-care camp (I can't call it a proper summer camp: they come home every day at 4PM, thank g-d!) I caugth myself in time not to swear at a silly driver that got in my way. And the boy tells me: "way to go mum! I noticed you stopped yourself from swearing: we are proud of you..."
I was speechless: what would you have done?