Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from the cold

...and by that I mean that I'm back to take care of business. I was actually very hot, in august, outdoors, in Israel ;-)
I was off, on vacation with the kids, and then my son was sick, and then there was a teachers' strike, and now I'm finally back!

And speaking of vacation: I had a great time visiting places with the kids, and doing stuff with them, and I don't have even one little picture! Am I a bad mother?
We've seen an amazing cave, (The Stalagtites Cave in Israel, it's out of this world! it's so full of stalactites, and stalagmites, and columns, and walls...) and I stil remember that the oldest came out dancing, she was so pleased. And all through the tour, the girls made up stories about the formations we saw. But I didn't take even one picture: not of us, not of the cave, not of the kids... Well, it's very close to where we live, and we can go visit anytime we want, but not taking even one picture?!?!!
Hubby says we're just lazy. I personally don't like comparing the extravaganza of my memory with the dingy reality of a bad picture.
what do you think?

oh, and the pictures that I do have from this summer, it's because the twins' birthday is in the summer: