Sunday, August 23, 2009

We-hey! My very first treasury!

Hello guys!
just to show everyone that compassion pays ;-)
I'm on vacation with the kiddies, and I have a schedule made up from before. Today we were supposed to "spring-clean" the kids desks and shelves, but they wanted to see TV. I was about to refuse, when I realized, that would be a great way for me to spend some quality time on etsy, so I agreed...
and, spending time on etsy, I found I have a chance at a treasury (well, I checked the treasury clocks on craftopolis first, of course ;-)

and I finally managed! I've published a treasury!
go have a look:

but of course, I can't waste the oportunity, and I'll add the picture of my latest creation as well:

Enjoy, everyone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The public likes my art

Well, it appears that people like my artbeading.
I was in the Etsy forums the other day, promoting my stuff as usual. On one thread, I went back to see what people have added, and if anyone commented on my stuff.
As is hapens sometimes, one fellow etsyian, not only commented on my jewelry, but suggested that I'll promote one of my other items, to be featured on a blog.

Of course I followed the suggestion, and submitted my item, and what do you think? It was choosen to be featured:

It is nice to at least receive tokens of total stranger's appreciation, if sales are scarce.
So, what do you say? was this good business?

And on a totally different note: I've found out what my kids do when I'm not around. What do you say?

Monday, August 3, 2009

A sale, A smile


I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I first blogged... too much office work!

So let's remedy the situation ;-)

My EBW Chalenge entry (the picture in the previous post) didn't win, but there's always the next competition, and another amazing design to turn up!

I had an alchemy accepted, by being thorough and nice: it was someone buying because of a mishap, so I offered them a discount - aparently it was good business.

And another totaly new technique turned up, just by looking at other people's items. The CandyFloss Crocheted Lariat. It's not just another lariat, it has the only non-fattening candy in the world: lampwork beads. It is also thiker and more sturdy than other crochetted necklaces - that's my innovation to the technique.
So, what say you? is this a good use of my time?
see you next time ;-)