Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back in Business

Can't believe it's been more than a month since I've last blogged! although I have to admit I knew it was a long time ;-)

There's been some holidays around, which I've enjoyed tremendously!

I've lost a business chance: a crafts fair, where I didn't understand correctly who is in charge, and who should I talk to about participating, so I didn't participate... Eh, well: lesson learned, better luck next time;-)

I've won 2 alchemies in September: one because I've under priced my work tremendously, and the other changed her mind when the item was nearly done. On the first item, is was a technique I always wanted to try, and never got the guts. So I said, I'll earn the experience, and the exposure, even though I won't make a profit.
The second, I didn't shout at the silly buyer, and I chucked it up to experience also. It was an original design I was cooking up for a while, and didn't have the reason to actually make it. So I was very mild with the mind-changing buyer and hope that she will feel obligated to buy something else...

I'm working on Hanuka and Xmas items for now, so here's a preview ;-) The items will be posted on etsy during the following week.