Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The public likes my art

Well, it appears that people like my artbeading.
I was in the Etsy forums the other day, promoting my stuff as usual. On one thread, I went back to see what people have added, and if anyone commented on my stuff.
As is hapens sometimes, one fellow etsyian, not only commented on my jewelry, but suggested that I'll promote one of my other items, to be featured on a blog.

Of course I followed the suggestion, and submitted my item, and what do you think? It was choosen to be featured: http://moonangelnay.blogspot.com/

It is nice to at least receive tokens of total stranger's appreciation, if sales are scarce.
So, what do you say? was this good business?

And on a totally different note: I've found out what my kids do when I'm not around. What do you say?


  1. Ooh, cool creatures. The animals, I mean. :o) Though the kids are pretty cute too!

  2. What a nice compliment for a fellow artist. Congrats!