Sunday, July 12, 2009

A small step for a woman, a giant leap for her business

...or at least I hope it is ;-)

I've been trying etsy for more than half an year now, and my success is only limitted: I have a steady average of 100views/day, at least 5 hearts/week, unasked-for compliments (especially from declined alchemies), but still the sales are scarce.

I do beadweving, if you were wondering. Not only jewelry, but phone/purse charms, and book thongs and even home decorations (I have a big plan, envolving upcycled glass containers). I know those are hard to sell, and most of etsy shops in my niche have an average revenue of a sell/month, but I only sold 3 items in over 6months.
And I do see the ocasional beadweaving shop, having weekly sales!

So, being home with a sick kiddie, I've decided to take the bull by the horns and do what, just about everyone has adviced: start networking! So I'm new to twitter: redcatartbeads, and on facebook: irina dalah and I've started my own blog ;-)

The whole concept of social networking is new to me, so I'll probably do heaps errors for a while. Anticipated apologies, and thanks for your patience.

I'll be updating as often as I can, and not necessarily about the business on-line and off it. I also have qualms about bringing up my 3 addorable gremlins, the utility of being better than your neighbour and the purpose of humanity in the general scheme of the universe...
And in terms of business and crafting:

this is one of my latest creations, for the Etsy Beadweavers Team monthly competition. You can still vote on it, until 15th of July , so go and make me famous ;-) or, of course, you can vote for someone else if you think they're better than me.

ta-ta for now


  1. That's really beautiful!! Have you thought of putting your etsy mini on the sidebar? It's a quick way for everyone to find your shop.

  2. Welcome to blog and twitter worlds! I wish you Great success!

  3. Wow. Your work is fantastically intricate! Amazing!

    Best wishes from a fellow newbie!!

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere! I only started a couple of weeks ago but I'm already a convert. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun!